Climate of Puca Pucara

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    Puca Pucara

    Puca Pucara is an Inca complex located within the Sacsayhuamán Archaeological Park, very close to Tambomachay. The "Red Fort" is located northeast of the city of Cusco at 7 km, at a height of 3,580 meters above sea level, built on an elevation, and with an environment typical of the Peruvian Andes. The climate is similar to that of the entire area of ​​Cusco, presenting the two typical seasons of the Andean highlands.

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    The rainy season develops between October and March, with intense rainfall during the months of January and February, the average temperature varies between 10 ° and 12 °. The winter season takes place between the months of April to September, as Puca Pucara is built in an open place, the night and morning cold typical of the frost season means that temperatures drop dramatically below zero degrees; during the day the clear sky allows the sun to shine brightly, bringing the temperature to 22 degrees, this feature makes the landscape very dry with a pale yellow tone typical of the Andes.

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