Reasons To Visit The Humantay Lagoon

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    Laguna Humantay

    Did you already know about the Humantay Lagoon? If you had not heard about this tourist attraction in Cusco, we recommend that you take a tour of this natural corner on your next trip to the Imperial City. Today, redBus shows you 5 reasons to encourage you to discover this natural attraction.

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    How to get to the Humantay Lagoon

    The Humantay Lagoon is located in the Soraypampa community, in the Mollepata district, Cusco. To get to Cusco, you can take different bus companies like Civa and Palomino. These companies have a price per ticket of 40 soles and 100 soles leaving from Arequipa and Lima, respectively.

    Arriving in Cusco you have to take a mobility to Mollepata. In the Arcopata bus terminal you can find a large number of companies that will take you to Mollepata for approximately 15 soles. When you get to Mollepata you have to take a taxi to Soraypampa. This trip, due to its longer duration, has an approximate cost of 70 soles. Upon reaching Soraypampa you have to walk for an hour and a half to the Humantay Lagoon or rent a horse. The entrance fee for the lagoon is approximately 10 soles.

    To return, we recommend that you agree with the taxi driver who took you to wait or pick you up. This is because as the destination is very far from the nearest town, you may not find mobility back.

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    Trekking in the middle of the snow

    In order to get to the lagoon, you have to walk a path that crosses the mountain and the Humantay mountain. This is a unique and beautiful experience for all those who like trekking or hiking on natural trails.

    The walk involves a 3.5 km stretch for an hour and a half, so we recommend that you take on this adventure if you have any previous experience of doing this activity at 4200 meters above sea level.

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    Observe the rituals

    In the Humantay lagoon an ancient ritual is performed in honor of Mother Earth, Pachamama. Arriving at the lagoon, you can be part of this ceremony by placing stones in gratitude for having successfully reached the lagoon.

    According to the residents of the nearby town, the snowy Humantay is the youngest son of the Apu Salkantay. These are the ones in charge of distributing the water that goes down the snowy.

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    Camping in one of the most mystical places in the region

    Within the territory of the snowy and Humantay lagoon there is an area to stay for camping: ecocamping. In this ecocamp, located just 3 minutes from the lagoon, you will have a magical experience witnessing the sunrise and sunset, as well as having all the time to visit the most beautiful corners of the Peruvian mountains.

    Due to its location, the Humantay lagoon and its surroundings can reach low temperatures in the morning and at night. It is for this reason that if you choose to stay camping, you should consider bringing the necessary equipment to avoid being cold.

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    Taste the typical dishes of the town

    As in every corner of Peru, gastronomy is the essential element in each destination that is visited.

    In Soraypampa, you can taste very traditional dishes from the locality, such as tamales with potatoes and guinea pig, the slipped wheat with peel, dry giblets, scrambled eggs, chump stew, cream of huaynas and more. < / p>

    The traditional drinks that you cannot miss are the already famous chicra de jora, the warm and the mixed.

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    Marvel at the scenery of the Peruvian highlands

    The Humantay Lagoon is surrounded by a lot of vegetation typical of the scenarios of the Peruvian highlands. Also, from there you can see the snowy Humantay and the rest of the Vilcanota Mountain Range.

    Take advantage of this unique view to get in touch with nature and let yourself be enveloped by its tranquility and mysticism.

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