Bebssi Chacon Allende

- Administrator -

She studied tourism and graduated as an official guide work as 3 years guiding in traditional routes and now with all the experience acquired he is responsible for the management and perfect operation of the company and in addition to the quality control of all our services.

Yessi Teniente

- Operations -

She studied hotel administration and services at "ESITUR" after having worked in different companies and acquiring enough experience in the field of reservations and operations in travel agencies, he finally joined our team.

Nilsont Chacon

- Online sales -

He loves nature and outdoor walks, is very charismatic when solving your doubts, puts all his knowledge when assembling a custom package and always all customers say goodbye thanking the great work he did.

Liliana Miranda

- Online sales -

Always willing to help and solve all your doubts, she has a long experience in package creations and long routes and all kinds of destinations in PERU before dedicating herself to the advice of tour packages she was a guide for 4 years.


- Pickups in Cusco -

He loves working in a team, it always helps and if there is any problem, whatever is always going to find a solution. One of his tasks is to organize the hydroelectric lunch reservation.


- Pickups in Cusco -

His work begins very early collecting all the different passengers who start the adventure with us from all hotels, airport and bus terminal, is very sociable and is always willing to help.

Josmell Chacon

- Guide in Cusco-

Adventurer loves history, has more than 6 years working with us is an exclusive guide for all traditional routes all his reports are the best, he makes your visit to PERU unforgettable.

Elvis Huaca Tapia

- Guide in Machu Picchu -

When one arrives at the sanctuary of Machu Picchu, he is speechless and almost everyone does not understand how such a perfect construction could be done is there when Elvis provides you with all the information that will make this wonder of the world never be erased from your memories.

Jorge Cruz

- Transfer and Assistance in Hydroelectric-

He studied tourism and graduated as a guide, after having worked as a traditional guide he realized that his thing was adventure and nature that is why he is part of us, now he welcomes our groups at the hydroelectric station and walks with our passengers along the hydroelectric route to Aguas Calientes, he is also the one who assists in the town of Machu Picchu.

Yuri Saico

- Driver - Mercedes Benz 2019 -

He is a great conversationalist and all the passengers he carries end up becoming fond of him, he also tries to take care of himself and rest to give his best, so that every day is a new adventure for all our passengers.

Omar Valerio

- Conductor - Renault Master 2019 -

It never fails is very punctual and collaborative, it is the one that gets up early because it keeps your unit very clean and in perfect state of maintenance, also loves to help passengers if they have any questions.

Ever "El Unico"

- Conductor - Renault Master 2018-

He has the daily task of getting all our passengers to hydroelectric and also that they arrive in Cusco totally happy always willing to help and if you want a photo on the route he will tell you where they are the best places for the photo.