The mysteries of Sacsayhuaman

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    What mysteries does Sacsayhuaman hide?

    Sacsayhuaman is one of the most mysterious places on the planet, even before the 30,000-year-old writing was discovered:

    Here are some reasons to consider Sacsayhuaman a mystery:

    ► The stones used in Sacsayhuaman fit together like a puzzle without the help of any type of glue. The fit is so exact that in many cases even a sheet of paper cannot be inserted.

    ► There are stones up to 8.5 meters high and almost 200 tons in weight. Even today it is not known how they managed to move such a large rock.

    ► In Sacsayhuaman there are 2 tunnels or ‘Chincanas’. One of them has a short route and is open to the public. The other, however, remains closed. It is said to lead to the Coricancha

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    They find writing of 30 thousand years old in Sacsayhuaman

    Sacsayhuaman continues to be studied by specialists. The American researcher Derek Cunningham, for example, analyzed the design of the fort and reached the following conclusions:

    ► The mysterious zigzagging of the walls of Sacsayhuaman reveal an ancient knowledge of astronomical alignments of the moon, the sun and the planet.

    ► Dr. Cunningham proposes that this architectural system would be a type of writing more than 30 thousand years old.

    ► In an article published by the magazine ‘Popular Archeology’, the American doctor proposes that this type of writing also existed in other ancient cultures of the world.

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    What proves the findings in Sacsayhuaman?

    The placement and angles of the walls at Sacsayhuaman revealed an extraordinary ancient secret:

    ► In Sacsayhuaman there are 9 astronomical values ​​in total, which serve to measure lunar and sun eclipses.

    ► This type of pattern was repeated in other places on the planet until 500 years ago, so it would be a type of writing done continuously.

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    Where else in the world are these astronomical values ​​found?

    There are many sites that show a surprising ability to align with exactly the same angular values.

    This includes the roads in front of the Giza pyramids and the perimeter lines of the body of the Giant of Atacama.

    They can also be found in Ishango (Africa), in the Lascaux and Chauvet caves (Africa) in Europe and in other ancient sites.

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    What other discoveries were made in Sacsayhuaman?

    New discoveries were recently found in Sacsayhuaman such as:

    ► An Inca temple 500 meters from Sacsayhuaman. Inside, 11 enclosures of various sizes were found. Mummies are believed to have been buried there.

    ► The section of an alternate Inca road. This path connected Sacsayhuaman with the huacas and other archaeological centers of the place.

    ► A complex irrigation system with gutters, fountains, and water reservoirs.

    ► An archaeological site at the top of Sacsayhuaman. Many buildings were completely destroyed during the Spanish conquest.

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    Where is Sacsayhuaman located?

    The Sacsayhuaman fortress is located on the side of a steep hill north of the city of Cusco. From there you can see the city. The archaeological site is 4 kilometers from the Historic Center.

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    The importance of Sacsayhuaman

    The site had great religious importance. It is possible that this amazing structure inspired the Incas to build places like Machu Picchu.

    Due to its enormous structures, the Spanish believed that it was a fortress, so they destroyed a large part of its structures.

    In 1536, Sacsayhuaman was the scene of a battle between the Spanish invaders and the rebellious Incas of Vilcabamba.

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    How was Sacsayhuaman made?

    Despite extensive research, there is still no firm theory regarding the creation of Sacsayhuaman.

    A belief states that the stones were cut and stacked but then merged due to a huge forest fire.

    Another wild theory suggests that the Incas used complex lenses and crystals to take advantage of the sun's rays to create enough heat to melt the stone.

    One of the most popular theory tells that the technology that made the construction of Sacsayhuaman possible was revealed to the Inca by aliens.


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