The history of Moray and its circular terraces - Agricultural research center of the Inca empire

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    Moray's story

    Probably an agricultural research center of the Inca empire, where various cultivation experiments were carried out at different heights, this region located northwest of Cuzco, stands out for being formed by a varied set of circular platforms that give the place a touch magical and unmatched.

    historia de moray
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    Moray's location

    Located at 3500 meters above sea level, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, these terraces overlapping each other in the shape of a circle, generated a multiplicity of microclimates that ranged from higher temperatures in the center to lower temperatures as they moved away from this point, on the highest platforms.

    historia de moray
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    The Purpose of Moray

    Many researchers affirm that the purpose of Moray, in the Inca period, was to protect the development of his most precious crop: the coca leaf. On the other hand, each of these platforms represented a thousand meters of altitude under normal agricultural conditions; containing more than twenty scale ecological zones.

    historia de moray
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    Most Wanted Destination

    The archaeological remains of Moray are one of the most sought after destinations in Peru by visitors from all over the world. Most tourists choose to get to the place by car, since, from this area, you can also easily arrive at the Salineras de Maras or the city of Chinchero, where the Incas believed that the rainbow was born.

    historia de moray

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