What is Machu Picchu by Bus for Hydroelectric?

The machu picchu tour by bus by hydroelectric was born as a result of the high train costs to be able to reach machu picchu, this tour has a car combination plus hike to hot waters because the only way to get to machu picchu is by train or walking Also the minimum time to do this tour is 2 days.

Where do they pick us up?

All our pickups are from hotels / hostels / Airbnb or points indicated prior coordination with the passenger.

Are there stops on the route?

If you stop before reaching ollantaytambo for use of hygienic services. (Cusco to Ollantaytambo time is 1 hour and 40 minutes)

How many hours of car travel?

The average time is 6 hours from Cusco to hydroelectric.

How many people are the groups?

The groups are 15 passengers maximum

What type of car are they?

The units are renault master of 15 people we do not work with buses because the route is narrow and for us its safety comes first.

It is necessary to take Pills for Height

The route to hydroelectric has quite a few curves, so we recommend taking some dizziness pills in case the route does not affect them.

How many hours do you walk from Hidroeléctrica to Aguas Calientes?

It is 10 kilometers and has an approximate 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Can I hire only Transportation?

If you want only transportation it can be round trip or a single section no problem you can book in the transport option.

How is the Climate in Hydroelectric?

It is tropical zone the weather is warm we recommend getting sunscreen and fly repellent.

How many days do you recommend staying in Aguas Calientes?

It is advisable to stay one night but if you want to have more time in Machu Picchu and visit the thermal baths the ideal thing would be to stay two nights, more days we do not recommend.

Is there availability every day?

If we have daily departures and we guarantee your reservations?

Is it necessary to book in advance?

If you book only transportation we recommend doing it 2 weeks in advance, but if you buy the full tour it is recommended to do it 2 to 3 months before in order to get your admission to machu picchu on the first shift.

Can I go by bus and Return by Train?

If it is also a very requested option, take the bus service and return by train.

Can everyone do this tour?

It is oriented for all types of passengers without restrictions but you have to take into account the walking time.

What time are we back in Cusco?

The car is arriving at Cusco average 21:30 pm to the San Francisco square that is in the center of the city.

What time do we arrive in Aguas Calientes?

The average arrival at 18:00 pm.

Are there Restaurants in Hydroelectric?

If there are about 5 restaurants in the hydroelectric power station.

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