About Us

Machu Picchu V.I.P

Company specialized in Classic Tourism, and conventional and unconventional Adventure Tourism, exceeding with satisfaction the quality standards in the tourist service.
Assume the obligation with responsibility to provide services with quality and safety, to know, admire, recreate and travel the routes and paths of this fabulous Inca Empire so that your trip is safe.

Our experience of more than 10 years in the Tourism activity has positioned us as one of the most developed companies in the tourism sector in PERU, guaranteeing this activity with singular success.

It contributes to economic and social development, generating convex economic activities, demand for decent employment, and other activities aimed at improving the quality of life of the population that participates jointly in the identification, recognition, valuation and conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage.


Manages various segments of the tourist activity of Peru, ensuring the highest quality of services, contributing to economic and social development, generating decent employment that improves the quality of life of the population and ensuring the valuation and conservation of the national historical natural heritage and cultural.


Leader company of regional scope in adventure tourism in Peru. 


We have managed to gain the trust of our passengers and of the friendly and partner agencies that entrust them to us during the routes that we manage in operation. This trust is renewed each year and is reflected in the growing number of passengers we drive, serve and assist. 


We have acquired the necessary experience to transfer it to our passengers and to the friendly and partner agencies that entrust them to us. The responsibility that we assume with passengers and agencies is concentrated during the time of operation under our charge, from the confirmation of the reservation, during the services and until after your return trip.


Demonstrated throughout the entire process, in all the sequences of the operation, prior, concurrent and subsequent. Our effort in accrediting our Company has allowed us to achieve permanent quality and customer satisfaction at every moment and circumstance.


We comply with everything offered and always maintain equality between what we do, what we think and what is said or has been said .


We respect and value the time of others, therefore we are faithful to all commitments, services, obligations at the agreed time.