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Bus to Hidroelectrica

Machu Picchu cataloged as a wonder of the World, due to the tourist demand of this attraction today it can be done through two routes such as trekking and by train; the latter has a high cost offered by train companies. That is why now you can enjoy getting to know Machu Picchu in the most comfortable and quality way, as is the alternative to Machu Picchu by Hydroelectric .

How to go to Machu Picchu?

There are three ways to go to Machu Picchu: a) the classic train trip, b) the 4-day Inca Trail and c) the cheap route by Hydroelectric.

The train trip – Route that starts from various stations in Cusco to the town of Aguas Calientes. From there you walk or take a bus to Machu Picchu. The route takes almost 4 hours and costs $ 150 on average.

The Inca Trail – Hiking route that covers 39 kilometers in 4 days. It crosses ancient Inca trails, archaeological sites, mountainous and jungle landscapes until arriving at Machu Picchu through the Intipunku, the Puerta del sol (from the high mountains, just as the Incas did). The cost of the tour costs approximately $ 600.

The route by Hydroelectric – Cheap route that crosses the Hydroelectric station in the jungle of Cusco. Start with a bus trip from Cusco to Santa María (5 hours). Then two consecutive trips by car to Santa Teresa (1 hour) and, from there, to Hidroeléctrica (30 minutes). Finally, there is a walk to Aguas Calientes (2 hours), from where you travel on foot or by bus to Machu Picchu. In total, the route can cost $ 15 and takes a little over 8 hours.

Bus to Hidroelectrica

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