When we #TravelMACHUPICCHUTomorrow, we will do so for the right reasons:

• For the solidarity we are witnessing today across the world.
• To learn from different cultures and to return home enriched.
• To support the jobs which go hand in hand with tourism as a sector that reaches every level of society.
• To advance development and promote sustainability.
• For the opportunities that come with discovering the world around us.

To ensure the core values of tourism live on, UNWTO has called on the global community to start looking to the future and has convened the Global Tourism Crisis Committee.

It comes down to fostering collaboration between nations and between the public and private sectors. We are working to ensure that the sense of cooperation and human spirit that has characterised the response to the challenge of COVID-19 will be carried forward into the recovery phase.

Machu Picchu Tours wait for you stay at home for travelling tomorrow