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Machu Picchu Travel Network main office is situated in the city of Cusco in the region of Cusco, Peru. It’s a great privilege and responsibility to be from Cusco and decedents of the Incan Empire; the most important civilization in South America. We have Machu Picchu which has always been the most well known Incan monument and recently named the fourth wonder of the world and today it is the most important tourist destination in Peru.

Due to Machu Picchu Travel Network having over 10 years of experience it is now one of the most developed companies and has ensured the safety of over 8,000 tourists through the Peru and Machu Picchu, it also offers the same high quality experience for other traditional routes.
Our work has contributed to latest knowledge of our countries culture and nature accomplishing the expectations of the tourists who have toasted to our excellent service which has been recognized by the thousands of clients who have respected the monuments, protected areas and rules and regulations.
By doing this we contribute to the economic and social development, generating economic activity and worthy employment as well as other activities directed to improve the quality of life of the population in conjunction with the identification, recognition, valuation and conservation of the nature and culture of the country.
Specialized company in classic tourism and adventure with the highest quality standards.
To manage various segments of tourist activity in Peru, making sure that the services are of the highest quality, contributing to the economic and social development, generating employment and improving the quality of life of the population and guaranteeing the evaluation and conservation of the natural history, nature and culture of the country.
To be the leading company of adventure tourism in Peru.
Making a Difference for the Rest:
We are a company that always accomplishes the client’s needs with satisfaction and high standards of the tourist service:
We fulfill all the regulations and Peruvian laws as well as the standards and quality demanded by the different tourist organizations.
Our employees receive worthy economic payment within the legal wages and all have suitable employment.
Each expedition is based on sustainable tourism.
We are a company concerned with the environment and global warming; we are in fact the only company protecting the environment, native communities and reforestation.
We also have social tourism for students in the countryside who have low resources.
Our Equipment:
We use the most appropriate transport for each trip.
Attention to Passengers:
The guides evaluate the strength of each client so they arrive at their destination e.g. Machu Picchu, after a pleasant journey.
Every request is attended to to ensure comfort of the client.
Every personal requirement is foreseen during the journey.
The client’s personal equipments will be looked after at all time.
Clients experience precise leadership and safe guidance at all times during the journey.
Service Noveltys:
Maps and continuous updates on the route are provided.
Written information on regulations is provided.
Detailed description of attractions along the route.
The guide will be by your side at the rhythm most suited for you.
We value your feedback and evaluation
We try to be the most memorable part of your trip.
As a company we are strengthening with the experience and the effort of 10 years practice
We have obtained the required trust from our clients and existing tourist agencies. This trust is renewed each year and reflects the growing number of clients that we attend to and help.
Throughout the years we have gathered sufficient experience to pass on to our clients to ensure they have a safe time whilst in our responsibility. Our responsibility starts with the confirmation of reservation to the time they return home.
We are precise with our reservation confirmations.
The quality of our work is demonstrated though out all our operations those of the past, present and will be seen in those of the future too. The effort we have put in to credit our company has permitted us to achieve permanent quality and satisfaction of our clients in each moment and circumstance.
Improved Product:
Our destinations: Cusco, Machu Picchu, Inca Trails and alternative routes to Peru all include careful organization in their planning.
The additional demands of the clients and their requests are received with diligence and are dealt with as soon as possible. Our system of reservation operates automatically; the quotas are immediately attended to in order.
Machu Picchu Travel Network or any of it agents will not be responsible for any injury, partial damage, extra costs, accidental delays, cancelations due to protests, weather complications, strikes or any similar event which is caused by negligence or acts of omission by direct service providers such as hotels, airlines, transport companies, restaurants etc as they are beyond our control. Machu Picchu Travel Network acts ONLY with tour operators or travel organizations with service contracts. We have the right to modify the itinerary of the trip or sequence to improve the services for the comfort of the client if this is necessary.


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